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My story to freedom from Smoking!

I started smoking at 14 years of age. Stealing from my parents or buying from folks I knew at the local 7-11 and gas station.

 At 31 I was diagnosed with COPD. I tried to quit but was not successful. Gums, patches & drugs didn't work. So I convinced myself that the doctor was wrong, and kept on smoking.

 Fast forward 10 years. I purchased a device from a local smoke shop. Within a week the charger had stopped working. Neither the smoke shop nor the manufacture was willing to take care of me. So I went back to smoking.

One year later I decided to research Electronic Cigarettes. Now was the time. So I went to the best e-cig shop you could find, The Vaporium in Lakewood Wa. Steve Thompson sat with me and educated me. Answered all my questions and gave me the information I needed to make the purchase. That day I bought my first real E-cig kit and never looked back!

First off I noticed the vapor and flavor was much, much better than anything I had tried in the past. And the batteries were lasting hours longer!

 Over the course of that first month I noticed some radical changes in myself. I was breathing better, I was not coughing as much, things tasted better & most of all I was not as easily winded!!!!

 At the end of week #1 I tried to smoke a single cigarette. It was nasty. 1/2 way through I put it out. A month later I tried another. WOW did that taste bad!!! 2 puffs and done!

 My success with this is what prompted me to open BFB Vapor Shop! I want to give everyone I can the chance to make the same life extending choice I made.

It is my personal goal to sit down with every customer just as Steve did with me. I answer all of their questions. I share my story with them and let them decide if this is right for them. If it is, I make sure they leave my shop with three things. 1) A device and flavor that they like. 2) Knowledge of how to use and care for that device. 3) The assurance that if they ever have issues or questions, I am only a phone call or email away.

 I personally thank you for considering BFB Vapor Shop as part of your path to a longer and healthier life!



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